Is there a minimum age limit? No, although we don’t take under 14’s unless they are accompanied by an adult.

Are kids charged the same as adults? Yes.

Are there lifejackets onboard? Yes. Adult and child lifejackets are carried, along with liferafts and all other safety equipment required by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency for this type of vessel.

Can I keep my fish? You can keep all you catch, although we usually find that everyone shares the catch around at the end of the trip.

Do you clean the fish? No, it cuts into fishing time too much. However, if time allows, the skippers will often give a quick onboard demo of gutting and filleting if you ask them nicely!

Where can I park? Parking can be tricky around the harbour so your best bet would be the Swannery Car park or the Park and Ride at Littlemoor. Here’s a link to the Council’s parking page.

Do you use rods or handlines? We use traditional handlines with a single hook trace. This is safer than using rods and feathers and less prone to tangling.

Can I bring my own rod? No, unless you’ve booked a private trip.

How many people per handline? Two people per line, so if you’re on your own you may have to share a line with someone else if the boat is full.

What if I want a line to myself? If the boat is full and you want a line to yourself this is fine, but you’ll have to pay double fare. If the boat isn’t full and you get a line to yourself then it’s your lucky day!

Can I charter a private trip or book a boat for my own private party? Yes. The cost of booking a boat for a private trip is £120 for 90 minutes plus £50 per additional half hour. Numbers have to be limited to a maximum of 12 passengers. You can book a private trip by contacting Rob using the form below.


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