Welcome aboard!

One of the best things about Mackerel Fishing is … anyone can do it!

Why not give it a try? We offer 90-minute mackerel fishing trips around Weymouth Bay from the end of May to early September. The cost of each trip is £10 per person. Here’s a map of where we are.

And for up to date information check out the Mackerel Fishing Weymouth Facebook page.

We fish with handlines, which we provide, with two people sharing each handline. Beginners needn’t worry … it’s easy and you’ll get all the help you need!

Please note that we don’t take bookings unless you’re booking the whole boat for a private trip. The cost of booking a boat for a private trip is £120 for 90 minutes plus £50 per additional half hour. If you’d like to make a private booking, please send an email request using the form below.


8 thoughts on “Welcome aboard!

  1. A thoroughly enjoyable trip. Lots of fun for all the family. Very good value for money. Excellent mackerel preperation demonstration, with quality cooking tips. They tasted fantastic- thank you x

    The fisherman was friendly and a jolly good, all round great guy!!

  2. Brilliant afternoon mackerel fishing with Cliff. We ranged in age from three to nearly eighty and all of us had a really great time. Cliff was very friendly, kind and easy to chat to. We caught over fifty fish and on the way back in he showed us how to gut and clean mackerel, and gave us ideas of using them other than using a BBQ.
    Will be returning for sure. Thank you so much for giving us a such a memorable family outing.

  3. Brilliant trip. Amazing way to see the bay and the surrounding area. We caught some great size makarel and Cliff was great. Would deffiantly recommend

  4. Thank you for taking us out fishing. Daddy and I had fun, we caught 16 fish!
    Roddy, 4 years old, 29th July 16.

  5. Went out this mornin with my better half never hand lined for mackerel before and I gotta say it was great fun we all took half a dozen fish home we have just eaten them with salad spot on and we had a selfie with the skipper what a lovely chap thanks skip Jeff and roni

  6. If you find yourself in Weymouth with an hour and a half to spare I can recommend you go mackerel fishing it’s great fun for the little ones it’s safe friendly and an experience that will last with them for the rest of their lives that might sound very profound but if you want to see the look of wonder and amazement on your little ones face then go and try mackerel fishing it’s not often you get the chance to enjoy the natural things on offer in this country but trust me this will be the best 10pound you have ever spent even if you don’t manage to catch a fish the experience alone is worth the cost I will be back catch my supper with my grand kids very soon

  7. How lucky we are! Went off this morning, great friendly skipper! The grandchildren loved it! Their first experience mackrelling and we caught a good few too. Being local we have watched others go off why did we leave it so long. Children have all had mackerel for tea. Result!

  8. Me and my family had an enjoyable fishing trip on my birthday, though we didn’t catch many mackerel it was worth it for the experience, views and skipper’s banter, thoroughly recommend it.

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